Why Project Kanaka Mission?

"The 'Ohana is the basic unit of Hawaiian Society, so by strengthening the 'Ohana you strengthen the lāhui" ~ Mary Kawena Pukui

Native Hawaiians & Indigenous consumers lack equal access to resources and the knowledge to help them raise low credit scores.  This lack of awareness could limit their ability to qualify for financial products, lacking creditworthiness and subject them to long range costs.  Low income households can least afford to pay higher interest rates and fees associated with low credit scores.

Low-income consumers are more likely than high-income consumers to consider their knowledge of credit scores to be fair or poor – 58 percent vs. 37 percent.  Probably one reason for this perceived lack of knowledge, as well as less actual knowledge, is that low-income consumers are much less likely to have obtained or received any of their credit scores in the past 12 months – 32 percent vs. 59 percent for high-income consumers.

These low-income households are most likely to apply for credit in the next 12 months.  Yet, the survey also reveals that these households generally know much less about credit scores than households with higher incomes.

The phone survey of 1,001 representative Americans showed that 20 percent of households with incomes below $25,000, but only 13 percent of those with incomes of at least $75,000, intended to apply for credit in the next 12 months. 

Behind Project Kanaka Mission is a support system of native Hawaiian owned & operated businesses who's mission is to contribute solutions. Preparing to navigate the financial gauntlet is hard enough. Over the last 100 years DHHL Department of Hawaiian Homes processes fails to properly administer lands to waitlist beneficiaries of 50% blood quantum & its negative impacts affects their successors with 25% blood quantum by risking their ability to qualify for assuming a mortgage, taking over the lease etc.

Project Kanaka Mission will work with native Hawaiian Beneficiary Associations by bridging the gap to resources, programs & partnerships. Create opportunities to work with the communities & its leaders.

The vision is to create awareness & value within our lāhui of beneficiaries & successors to be active contributors of change. As many are shifting from the effects of this pandemic. There’s a movement through education, self empowerment & self governance. Project Kanaka Mission specializes in working with community builders. To serve those that are looking to provide solutions in maximizing credit, bridging generational wealth gaps, stop institutional inequality and housing redlining that negatively affect us.

IF YOU ARE a BENEFICIARY on the DHHL WAITLIST- Please take this survey it was created to evaluate where your at as a beneficiary and if this project is a fit for you?

Mahalo (thank you)

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