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Our mission is to help and educate as many people about credit and how to be in control 100%.  We want to change the world, one community at a time.  We know exactly how to take matters into your own hands with understanding credit. We believe when you take the time to educate yourself on what truly makes the world go 'round, the doors of opportunity are endless.

Different from the rest, Credit Edge Solutions prides itself on its cutting-edge technology combined with years of credit experience to help clients maximize their credit profile.  It eliminates the guess work of the old "credit repair" models. With our state-of-the-art Point Deduction Technology® software, be prepared to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to take credit goals to new heights.

Proper credit management and education is far superior than just repairing one's credit.  Get down to the root cause and understand why points are being deducted from scores, why these factors affect your score both positively & negatively and how to recover those points back!  


We are changing the way you understand credit

One goal at a time!



Our community is comprised of the Credit Edge Solutions team, we've built collaborations with community leaders from Hawaii to the Continental USA. Our partners in industries such as real estate agents, loan officers, car dealers, you name it all "agents of change" Who's goals are to see you thrive, we know the challenges of navigating credit and finances.

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Most importantly, it's about education. The more people we can teach on credit, the better choices are made & the stronger communities become. Accessibility to resources to fill gaps help meet people where they are at. Preparation is vital to navigate opportunities that are available for those who want a a better future and understand how to build generational wealth.

We want to work with those who are leading the way! 

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FACT: Did you know that over 80% of credit reports are incorrect?

Just knowing what creditors are reporting on you is half the battle but that's not all.

You will be able to take control of your credit & build financial literacy simultaneously. The software will provide you so much information about the world of credit as well as the data being reported on your credit report. There are a ton of tools & resources at your fingertips as well as the most latest credit data on each account and recommendations that will get you closer to your targeted scores, a road map that  offers a step by step process via your very own secured credit portal.

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Point Deduction Technology® Software

Point Deduction Technology® is Scientific Analytical Mathematical Software, based on rigorous credit weight algorithms, that analyzes credit data to identify where the impacts are placed on a credit file.

Credit Scoring

Credit Scores may be the most important range of numbers that you don't understand.

Errors & Omissions

The data on a credit report comes from companies with whom a borrower has established credit.

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

The accuracy of our recommendations is based on several factors. The information on a credit report has to be current, complete and correct.

Credit & Financial Education

Our educational material is available to our members 24/7 and is designed to keep members informed on how to manage their finances and credit simultaneously.

Target Score Simulator®

Watch our video tutorial on how to use the simulators within our software.


What We Do?

We worked really hard to ensure the credit education,tools, resources are available at the tip of your fingers. Our strategy team is here to support those short & long term goals that will guide you to reach new heights.

We made it incredibly easy to access your most updated credit reports while learning which accounts need the most TLC to maximize your credit profile. 

Check out the awesome features below!

Assistance in Updating Credit Data with the 3
Major Credit Bureaus TU, EQ, and EX

A Team of Credit Experts to Guide you towards Credit Success

A Unique Point Deduction Techology® Software to Maximize your Credit Profile

24/7 Safe and Secure Access to your Credit Portal for Status/Updates

Target Score, Money & Manual Simulators showing Actions to take to Maximize Credit Standing


Comprehensive Credit Advice, Credit Laws, and Credit Education

And so much more!


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We want to help you educate & prepare your community on credit!

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